Cary Scott


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Cary is a professional graphic artist, web designer/developer, creative director, publicist, and social media consultant with over 16 years experience in the design and marketing fields. His extensive knowledge of Web Design, User Experience Design, and User Interface Design is used to ensure the high quality software is being produced. His expertise in Internet and Social Media Marketing is utilized to enhance digital communications, and build quality relationships with Lemur Retail’s clients and end users.


Shawn Hinsey

Chief Architect

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Shawn is a software architect with over a decade of experience with a wide variety of software systems and platforms. Shawn has worked with Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, and startups, helping them solve the hard problems which stand in the way of profitability. As Chief Architect, Shawn is responsible for ensuring that the systems which power Lemur are cost-effective, reliable, and safe, as well as feature-rich and easy to use.